Author Topic: Crash when loading Minecraft  (Read 478 times)


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Re: Crash when loading Minecraft
« on: February 19, 2015, 04:34:11 am »
I extracted the zipped pack into its own folder in the Minecraft mod folder, and deleted the zipped version just like the PMC mod article said

By the way, when you mean you don't have to delete meta-inf, does that mean it automatically deletes it, because if so, it didn't.
You don't have to delete the meta-inf, it doesn't have to delete the meta-inf, the meta-inf is important for the functioning of the game, forge actually puts it in there.
You haven't had to delete the meta-inf for a loooong time now actually, also been a while since I even saw someone talk about it.
That was actually Forge related but I'm helping you out here anyway.

Why did you extract it into it's own folder? The zip is not called EXTRACTTOFOLDER, it's called EXTRACTTHISHERE, in other words, no folder! Just extract right in the mods folder! No soup for mod!
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