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Title: How to install:
Post by: WThieves on December 22, 2013, 09:33:46 am
How to install a pack
If the creater of the pack has followed my tutorial well:

1.)   Move the zip to the
2.)   Extract the .zip file inside the mods folder, it will create a folder called ‘assets’ in the mods folder, also allow it to add to the ‘saintspack’ folder
        (If it creates a MinecraftAssets folder, the saintspack folder will be in there, so copy/cut it out and paste it over the saintspack folder in the mods directory)
3.)   Move the assets folder to the 'Saintspack.zip'
4.)   Open the file ‘Packs.txt’ in
5.)   To the bottom of the list, add the name of the content pack (lowercase)