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Title: Question about "Mod pack"
Post by: The_Gaming_Lab on November 27, 2017, 09:41:43 am
Hello. I have read the terms and conditions. I believe I have to ask for permission to use the mod in my modpack. Since in the terms and conditions.

"All mirrors of this mod should have advance written permission from the OWNER or else no support will be given (This includes modpacks)."

So I believe you need to ask for permission, also: "This MOD may only be distributed via linking to the original download link from this website.".
But what if I want to include this mod in a modpack in a zip file? To Technic Launcher (Please. I am using Technic Launcher and soon to curse.). But in Technic Launcher. They don't support this unless with solder. Advice may help for me.

Thanks for your replies and I appreciate the advice. Or permission of usage.