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Discussion / What version of forge do i use?
« Last post by dfssdfchdsyg on May 20, 2021, 03:24:13 pm »
I'm using the recommended version and I don't know what version to use. ??? ???

Here is the clip: https://www.mediafire.com/file/nm5p9n3vvswd33b/Jre-legacy+2021.05.20+-+
Discussion / It has been a long time
« Last post by alexbwkim on April 14, 2020, 12:51:32 am »
General / RoadWorks Main : Download [Latest 1.12.2]
« Last post by WThieves on May 25, 2019, 12:04:39 pm »

For minecraft 1.12.2


The following items come in White, Yellow, Red and Blue:
Paint roller:
Simple item, using this item will allow you to place simple stripes in the middle of a block.

Side paint roller:
Another simple item, using this item will allow you to place simple stripes on the side of a block.

Arrow paint roller:
This item allows you to place 7 arrow patterns on your roads, use [Sneak] + [Use(Right click)]/[Destroy(Left click)] to toggle between arrow patterns to place.

Extra paint roller:
This item allows you to place 11 extra patterns on your roads for adding just that little bit of extra detail, use [Sneak] + [Right click]/[Left click] to toggle between extra patterns to place.

Spraying can:
Not happy with the color of your stripes but you don't want to place them all over again? Craft this item in the color you want them to be and [Use(Right click)] them on your stripes.

Bucket of road paint:
If you frequently change stripe colors but you don't want to keep all items in your hotbar you can craft a bucket of road paint and place it anywhere in the world, then [Use(Right click)] your item on it and paint it in the new color. Using a supported dye on the bucket will change the paint to the dye color.

Box of paint rollers:
If you wish to only carry one roller but you want to switch every now and then, craft this block as it's more than decorative. [Use(Right click)] your item on the box to switch between the 4 basic paint rollers at will.

The following items can be recolored without any dye needed, or only have one color:
To make your roads look like actual roads, you can craft some tar with cobblestone and ink.

Paint scrapper:
You cannot remove paint with paint rollers, and paint stripes aren't easy to remove. [Use(Right click)] the paint scrapper on stripes in survival mode to instantly remove them.

Master paint roller:
A combination of all rollers in all colors in one, by [Sneak] + [Using(Right click)] this item you'll open the 'Selection Screen', here you can select a color and any available stripe to set configure your master paint roller to the correct pattern. The quickest and easiest way.

Planner paint roller:
The ultimate tool for painting roads quick and easy is the planner paint roller, by [Sneak] + [Using(Right click)] this item you'll open the 'Quick Building Planner' where you can draw a road plan with any of the available stripes in any of the available colors. Simply click a color and a stripe and then click in an empty spot so set that up. You can turn your stripe around by clicking your selected stripe to the right and you can clear a stripe by clicking it again to the left part of the screen.
After planning your road you can use the planner paint roller to paint a max of 7x7 blocks at once.

Other features:
When using any of the paint rollers you can see which pattern you have selected at the top of the screen.

When holding [Sneak] you can also see which ones come next and which ones come previous to the current selected pattern, updating live on switching.
Paint rollers will save and store their current selected pattern and will also show this when hovering over the item.

Download for 1.12.2
By following this link you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

1) Install the latest forge for your version.
2) Put the .zip/.jar file in the mods folder. (C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods)
3) Enjoy!


The stripe selection menu from the master paint roller, select a color and a stripe to configure your roller:

The quick paint planner, select a color and stripe to the right, rotate it with the middle button, and place them on the left hand side:

Simple examples of use:

Known Bugs:
There are no known bugs yet, feel free to give me feedback on any platform you can find me on.

The credits haven't changed.
Thanks to Notch for initially making minecraft obviously, controversy aside.
Thanks to LexManos for maintaining forge, and everybody on the forge and minecraft forums who take their time to help people with all kinds of coding issues. These guys made research so much easier.
Thanks to my brother still, for giving me the ideas when he wanted to build realistic looking roads.
Thanks to the downloaders of my mods and the many people that gave me feedback, you're the guys I'm doing this for.
Discussion / Unused textures
« Last post by PEB Beans on June 16, 2018, 12:51:45 pm »
So I was looking inside the mod and I noticed there were unused texture for the traffic lights and railroad crossing lights being on. The question is, have they been there for a long time and were never implemented or is that a planned feature? ???

Also I was wondering if, in case this isn't a planned feature, you could simply make identical blocks that use those textures, so that people who are good with command blocks can make fully working crossings and traffic lights. :P
Discussion / Question about "Mod pack"
« Last post by The_Gaming_Lab on November 27, 2017, 09:41:43 am »
Hello. I have read the terms and conditions. I believe I have to ask for permission to use the mod in my modpack. Since in the terms and conditions.

"All mirrors of this mod should have advance written permission from the OWNER or else no support will be given (This includes modpacks)."

So I believe you need to ask for permission, also: "This MOD may only be distributed via linking to the original download link from this website.".
But what if I want to include this mod in a modpack in a zip file? To Technic Launcher (Please. I am using Technic Launcher and soon to curse.). But in Technic Launcher. They don't support this unless with solder. Advice may help for me.

Thanks for your replies and I appreciate the advice. Or permission of usage.
Discussion / A great mod
« Last post by PhysicalNova on June 07, 2017, 01:22:46 pm »
Hello. This has been almost one year 1/2 that I use this mod, and I think it's just awesome. But I wanted to know if there was gonna be an update soon ; the last (and first) release was almost two years ago  :o ! Also, will there be any port to newer versions of Minecraft ?
I thank all replies, and I just thank the creator once more. ;D
Discussion / Re: Request to get the mod in curse
« Last post by WThieves on May 16, 2017, 03:41:49 pm »
curse did not allow us to use your mom in our modpack, we would like permission to use it on curse or if u could place it on curse so we are allowed.
Adding it now
Discussion / Request to get the mod in curse
« Last post by Gamer0304 on April 06, 2017, 07:25:01 pm »
curse did not allow us to use your mod in our modpack, we would like permission to use it on curse or if u could place it on curse so we are allowed.
Discussion / Re: Problems for the installation
« Last post by WThieves on April 07, 2016, 05:29:31 am »
Not for 1.7.10, but the fix is coming in 1.8
Discussion / Re: Problems for the installation
« Last post by Mintoine on April 06, 2016, 06:17:44 am »
OK thank you, I am going to try.
Just the mod does not work from which version of forge? And do you have planned a fix?
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